AZ Archives Event

Guests tour the work of Julian Clark at the Arizona Historical Society in 2016 in which an exhibit of Julian’s work was on display. Photo courtesy of Michelle Dodds.

Since the inception of the Arizona Archives Committee 10 years ago, annual events have been held to honor the work of Arizona Architects who have made a lasting contribution to Arizona Architecture and whose drawings have been pursued for archival purposes preserving their legacies.

Upcoming Event

JOIN US! March 21st, 5:30pm, Arizona Heritage Center – celebrate Archiving Collections & Wright!

The discussion about the Wright Archives will be led by: Michael Desmond, a professor at LSU and Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation Trustee; Jennifer Gray, Director of the Taliesin Institute, Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation; and Fred Prozzillo, The Nord McClintock Family VP of Preservation and Collections, Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation.

An exhibition of original drawings by Frank Lloyd Wright will be displayed. The evening will also be a fundraising event celebrating 10 years of the Architectural Archives Committee, funded through the Arizona Architecture Foundation (AAF). Tax-deductible donations can be made to the AAF to support the archives efforts.

Past Events

2023Adaptive Reuse Revitalizing Arizona
2022Trailblazing Women in Arizona Architecture. The stories of Tucson’s Anne Graham Rockfellow, Anne Rysdale and Judith Chafee
2021The Journey, Two views on Architecture: Traditional Architecture of William Bowman to Expressive Forms of W.W. Sarmiento
2020Exploring the Architecture of Albert Chase McArthur
2019The Work of Kemper Goodwin FAIA and Michael Goodwin FAIA
2018The Work of Architect George Christensen, FAIA
2017The Architectural Works of Bennie Gonzales FAIA
2016The Renderings of Julian Clark