Sean Murphy Prize

Since 1990, the Foundation has sponsored an annual travel prize to architecture students at The Design School at ASU.

The award provides students the opportunity to grow and develop in their architectural education through the experiences of independent travel.

The travel prize is given in memory of Sean Murphy who served as president of AIAS chapter at ASU in 1989. Sean’s life was tragically lost in a bicycle accident in November of that year. Sean was a person whose life was deeply influenced through his travel explorations in Europe, Asia and the United States.

Applications for the Sean Murphy Prize are accepted every January and awards are announced in March.

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Past Recipients
& Destinations

2023Mia Austin, Japan
2022Paola Silva Perdomo, Spain & Colombia
2021Madison Stoddard, Norway
2020Rachel Fail, Western United States
2019Nasrynn Chowdhury, England & Bangladesh
2018Christina Lufkin, Germany
2017Abel Clutter, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark
2016Josh Greene, Chile
2015Cory Bruce, England, Scotland
2014Angela Lufkin, Japan
2012Aaron Choi, Ecuador, Peru, Galápagos Islands
2011Georgia Barnett, Switzerland
2010Lauren Loosveldt, Tel Aviv, Israel & Dhaka, Bangladesh
2019Justin Ford, Poland, Germany
2008Stacy Crumbaker, Antarctica
2007Grey Fowles, Cuba
2006Jamie Collins, Spain
2005Nick Lemire, South Africa, Swaziland
2004Dennis Bartolomeo, Argentina
2003Michael Braun, Spain, Switzerland
2002Matthew Muller, Mount Everest Base Camp
2001Jason Wood, Space Odyssey
2000Alex Plishner, Spain, Italy, France
1999Joseph Herzog, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark
1998Jorge Colon, Italy, France
1997Heather Russell
1996Elizabeth Koski, Finland, Denmark
1995Gilad Rosenzweig, Israel, Jordan
1994Katherine Zsolt, Kenya
1993Robin Snyder, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia
1992James Pinnella, Four Corners
1991Ann Figure, France, Italy
1990Phillip Weddle, Paris